The company "Violet delux" adjusted release of linen and clothes for the house in 2010.

We have opened three shops for three years in the shopping malls of Kiev which work successfully and have a great amount of constant clients.

- What a beautiful evening dress! - A phrase that sounds several times a day…

A consultant explains politely that it is a night dress.

If to be honest, that was intended in such a way. In today’s world a woman spends a lot of time at work, that is why at home with the nearest and dearest, in those shorts periods, she must be the queen.

We invite you to open a successful business with "Violet delux" !!!

Concerning work with us on a franchise, please call

  • +38 (067) 416-21-55 
  • +38 (095) 525-39-08
  • +38 (093) 076-35-11

Among our strengths, we can list the most important:

  • There are no seasonal declines due the wide range of shops, dimensional grid from S to XXXL, and variety of models attracts girls and women of all ages
  • The store needs a small commercial premises from 10 sq.
  • Advertising outlet online businesses and the supply of promotional products.