Lingerie wholesale

Dear Partners,

Our company is interested in the wholesale sales of women's underwear of our production. We can offer you a wide range of lingerie for special wholesale prices.

If in the future you want to cooperate with us and to get our linen production in bulk, you should register on the site and fill in a form with information about your company.

Within 2 working days, we will provide you the terms of cooperation and our price list.

Dear Partners. We try to respond to your email within 1-3 days.

1. May be your letter of reply from us was filtered as "spam", see the folder "Spam" in your mail program or the mail service.

2. Letters from our website sent from the address, add it to your whitelist.

If you're still unable to receive email from us, please contact the repeated request marked "re".

Not all lingerie collections produced by our company are submitted at our site. However, we try to update as soon as possible range of laundry on site with new models produced by our company.

When updating the collections at our website we will inform our wholesale customers through e-mail.

Our company can offer you the best conditions for the wholesale purchase of lingerie:

  • Individual approach to each partner;
  • the acquisition of small consignments of goods;
  • the necessary package of accompanying documents (bills, invoices, certificates);
  • assistance for the delivery of goods to the regions;
  • flexible discount system;
  • only a quality product;
  • efficiency in the execution of orders.


The company “Violet delux” appreciates every partner and is always open to new business contacts. We want to have a reliable, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. When you purchase our products in bulk at the request of a partner we conduct additional marketing promotion of your online trading company.